The Treadwell™ System successfully prevents and reverses calf muscle pump failure and Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS).  The system is a unique and versatile approach to healing and health. The Treadwell™ System elevates Workplace Wellness programs, Athletic Training programs and Physical Therapy programs above the competition that do not include the system.


Inclusion of the Treadwell™ System in Athletic Training Programs provides a competitive edge to the individual athlete or team that incorporates the system. Physical gains can be attained more quickly and recovery from sprains and strains occurs in less time. The body recovers from exercise while at rest. Yet, exercise followed by extended sitting does harm (Sitting Trumps Exercise). To gain a competitive advantage the velocity of blood flow must be prevented from remaining at the low rate experienced during sitting. Use of the Treadwell™ System when an athlete is sitting will defeat the negative effects of extended periods of sitting (SeDS).

The Treadwell™ System combines a patented (US 7,883,451) methodology accomplished with the TREDLR™ device plus disease and condition specific protocols. When the Treadwell™ System is included in the mix of current best practices of physical therapy provided for treatment, individual outcome results obtained in over ten years of clinical use have been documented as better and often occurring in less time than would otherwise be expected. The Treadwell™ System is operated with the user's energy input only. The methodology increases circulation in the body by up to nine (9) times the at-rest rate of circulation without increasing vital signs of the user. The circulation increase and vital sign data has been collected in two independent studies. Both studies were published in peer reviewed medical journals. The first study was published in 2010 in the Journal of Medical Diagnostic Sonography. The second study was published in The American Surgeon in 2011. 

This video shows the system in use accompanied by the sound of blood flow pre-use, during use and post use.










The system is so easy the user can engage in other activities simultaneously when sitting (socializing, TV, desk work, reading, video gaming, reading and many more). Vital signs remain unchanged (statistically insignificant changes). The risk of injury to the user and anyone assisting is eliminated as no transfer is needed as compared to using stationary bicycles and treadmills. The user is obtaining the benefits of increased blood flow velocity without autonomic redistribution of the blood supply usually accompanying exercise that causes increased pulse, respiration rate and higher blood pressure. The importance of this factor is easily and often overlooked.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and exceeding current expectations of compliance reviewers for wound healing and falls & balance programs in long term care facilities are attainable with the system. Because the system can be deployed to improve the rate of wound healing, improve balance & gait for falls reduction plus improve wellness of the resident population when included in activity programs, the return on investment is obtained more quickly when the system is available for residents in all common areas where they spend sedentary (sitting) time. 


Combining a device the user powers, dramatically increasing the velocity of blood flow without causing a corresponding increase in vital signs, is unique and remarkable. The Treadwell™ System, as part of long term care health initiatives, provides observable improved health and quality of life of residents. Improved resident health is projected to contribute to the bottom line via increased occupancy rates. 

The Treadwell™ System - improving outcomes in long term care facilities, PACE (Medicare) programs, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, nursing home facilities, memory care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health programs, and rehabilitation programs.

The Treadwell™ System - Workplace Wellness Program and Athletic Training Program early adopters gain a competitive edge on their competition.

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