PN Clinical Results #1

A 60 year old female type 1 diabetic was first diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 12. She presented with the neuropathy symptoms of decreased sensitivity (light touch and pressure) beginning at mid-thigh level, with the right leg being more affected. She also related that she experienced varying level of numbness beginning at the same location in her legs and down to her feet.  She reported the decreasing sensitivity and increasing numbness have worsened during the last few years. After 6 weeks of Treadwell® System’s neuropathy protocol she observed that her neuropathic profile had changed.  “I was concerned that the symptomology in the lower third of my right leg was progressing (numbness becoming more pronounced, ed.), but I have noticed that it has now improved” she related. She reported some decrease of numbness. The feeling of numbness now began on the top of her right foot at mid-foot level, as compared to the initial mid thigh area. Sensory examination testing using light touch with a Q-tip® and pressure with the eraser end of a pencil confirmed that her level of loss of sensation had moved towards her feet. Total numbness persisted on the bottom surface of her right foot.

PN Clinical Results #2

A 76 year old female with type 2 diabetes presented with a complaint of symptoms of neuropathy, particularly in her right lower leg and foot. She was especially sensitive to standing on a Berber carpet in her bare foot which caused an uncomfortable sensation pins and needles on the sole of her right foot. When she walked barefoot on the carpet the discomfort caused rapid lifting of her right foot. She walked normally on her left foot and then took a hopping step as soon as her right foot was weight bearing to alleviate the unacceptable sensation. She stated that she had to have a shoe on her right foot which resulted in only her feeling of numbness when walking across carpet. She began Treadwell® System use using the neuropathy protocol twice weekly each session. After four weeks she was able to stand on the Berber carpet barefooted without experiencing the feeling of pins and needles sensation. She was able to ambulate several steps without her previously experienced discomfort, feeling only the sensation of numbness on the sole of her right foot.

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