The Treadwell® System Falls & Balance Program uses Treadwell® technology to increase the velocity of blood flow, especially in the lower extremities, with an extremely easy to use methodology. It is so easy that users often ask to use it in addition to time scheduled in your Falls & Balance Program. The methodology allows the user to achieve hundreds and hundreds of repetions of a heel-toe-heel toe motion in 15-20 minutes without muscle stress or fatigue. The repetitions have the likely added benefit of increasing the proprioceptor sensitivity in the feet and ankles while promoting the increased blood flow. The propriocetors are nerves that provide the signals that enables us to balance on two feet and to maintain our balance when walking. With good balance the risk of falls is reduced.

When individuals are suceptable to falls their stride often shortens resulting in a shuffling type of walk. When the Treadwell® System Falls & Balance Program is used a progression to a normal gait is often obtained. Reduced risk of tripping and falling is reduced when the gait and stride improve. 

The Treadwell® System combines proprietary treatment protocols for our modality with a TREDLR™ device. The device is necessary to achieve the patented methodology of the system. The patient powered movement of the TREDLR™, a heel-toe, heel-toe motion, causes the velocity of blood flow in the circulatory system to increase, up to 9 times the resting velocity rate, without causing any corresponding increase in vital signs (pulse rate, respirtation rate or blood pressure). What this means to the patient is a virtually effortless activity that we hesitate to label as exercise. The balance & gait benfits of significantly increased blood flow velocity from our modality combined with hundreds and hundreds of heel-toe, heel-toe repitions accue to the patient improving their quality of life while reducing the risk of falls.

The Treadwell® System Falls & Balance Program includes the TREDLR™ device and comprehensive training for our proprietary falls, balance & gait protocols based on our patented methodology. The program price is $2,500.

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