When breakdown of the skin occurs difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to heal venous stasis, arterial insufficiency and pressure ulcers occur. Information published by Medicare indicates the annual cost of treatment for a patient suffering from ulcerations is about $30,000. Because lowered circulation results from diabetes, diabetics experience a higher than average occurance of ulcerations. The Treadwell® System Wound Healing Program provides an easy to use methodology that users most often enjoy. Treadwell® technology increases the velocity of blood flow, especially in the lower extremities. The methodology allows the user to achieve hundreds and hundreds of repetions of a heel-toe-heel toe motion in 15-20 minutes without notable stress or fatigue yet a three to nine times increase in circulatory blood flow. The increase in blood flow benefits the body's largest organ, the skin by bringing more oxygen and nutrution to the skin's cells while simultaneously removing carbon dioxide and discarded cell structure to the filtering organs. Healing of the ulcerations is promoted. The methodology has been shown clinically to successfully heal ulcerations compared to compression bandaging and compression hose combined with antibiotics and ointments often prevent worsening yet no healing of ulcers. Continuation of the Treadwell® System Wound Healing program following ulcer healing has been demonstrated to have a preventative effect resulting in fewer follow on ulcers.

The Wound Healing Program can also be applied to surgical and other wounds. Clincal observations have provided evidence that a reduction in healing time of up to twenty-five percent than would otherwise be expected results from including this program.

The Treadwell® System combines proprietary treatment protocols for our modality with a TREDLR™ device. The device is necessary to achieve the patented methodology of the system. The patient powered movement of the TREDLR™, a heel-toe, heel-toe motion, causes the velocity of blood flow in the circulatory system to increase, up to 9 times the resting velocity rate, without causing any corresponding increase in vital signs (pulse rate, respirtation rate or blood pressure). What this means to the patient is a virtually effortless activity that we hesitate to label as exercise. The wound healing benfits of significantly increased blood flow velocity from our modality accue to the patient improving their quality of life while promoting healing and reducing the risk of future ulcerations developing.

The Treadwell® System Wound Healing Program includes the TREDLR™ device and comprehensive training for our proprietary wound healing protocols based on our patented methodology. The program price is $2,500.

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