aka Sitting Is The New Smoking

In the years following PhD researcher Frank Booth's identification of extended periods of sitting being harmful, the cause(s) eluded researchers yet the general prescription for reducing the effects of SeDS was exercise. Richard Hand, PT & Co-founder of Treadwell Corporation, discovered how to overcome SeDS and has a theory for the causes.

Mr. Hand's discovery resulted in a patented methodology for increasing the velocity of blood flow without impacting vital signs, i.e. pulse rate or respiration rate had no statistically significant changes. The importance and benefits of increasing the circulatory system velocity without affecting vital signs can not be overstated. Mr. Hand theorizes the methodology is the antidote for SeDS. The methodology engages the body's calf muscle pump mechanism(s) converting inertia into momentum reducing the effort required to a negligible level. The activated calf muscle(s) increases the velocity of blood flow significantly yet vital signs are unchanged. This leads Mr. Hand to offer the theory that the cause of SeDS is CALF MUSCLE PUMP FAILURE. Mr. Hand theorizes that calf muscle pump failure results in the velocity of blood flow remaining below a minimum health supporting threshold velocity for a threshold time period that is too long to provide adequate oxygenation and nutrition from the arterial blood flow and to provide adequate venous flow through the filtering organs for purifying the blood. The results are the body being starved from too small arterial flow and inhibited by a higher toxicity level in the slow venous flow. The theory and determination of the threshold velocity and the threshold time are yet to be confirmed by research. However, initial clinical results provide reason to believe research studies will validate his theory.


This recently discovered methodology is novel in the realm of medical sciences. Mr. Hand predicts the methodology will be a cornerstone in medicine for treatment , especially physical therapy, and will become a valuable tool in medical diagnostics. The  Treadwell Methodology™ provides the portal to effective treatment of a wide variety of diseases, conditions and symptoms with the result of better outcomes. The Treadwell System™ is the cornerstone therapy used in Mr. Hand's practice of physical therapy. Mr. Hand has consistently observed better outcomes in the clinical setting since making the system his cornerstone therapeutic intervention.

This comparison chart details why the Treadwell System™ is unique.



American's health degradation, linked to an inactivity epidemic, has been studied since the 1990s. In the early years of the new millennium Frank Booth, Ph.D., published several articles about the epidemic from his earlier research studies. In 2002 the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports coined the term "Sedentary Death Syndrome" (SeDS) as a descriptive label for the pervasive inactive lifestyles of Americans, and prevalent in all industrialized countries. Sitting for long periods most days is the most common form of inactivity thus SeDS is sometimes labeled as "sitting death syndrome".


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