August 10, 2014

An article today in the Bangor Daily News referencing Dr Levine's “Sitting is the new smoking-or worse”. This state of excessive sitting is commonly labeled as Sedentary Death Syndrome. You may want to "google" it for more information. 


Awareness is increasing, although the importance of movement as it relates to circulation within the body is still below the radar. The Treadwell® System's patented methodology increases the effectiveness of the body's circulatory system without increasing the body's pulse, blood pressure, respiration rate, or temperature. My mom is a prime example of the importance this innovative technology to health, especially those who are movement challenged, i.e. those who sit numerous hours every day. Is that you?


Mom's up by 9 AM, after a good sleep. Coffee and a donut, and she's back upstairs to dress for lunch out. Remember, Mom is climbing thirteen steps to her bedroom, unassisted, at age 106 after a diagnosis of congestive heart failure seven years ago at age 99. She described going out to lunch as ”something to look forward to” last night when it was suggested.


As she heads upstairs, I think of the number of times I have provided in home physical therapy to residents of retirement communities who relocated there, in part, because of the benefit of no stairs to climb. Invariably we are in a stairwell of the facility climbing steps to reverse the weakness that they are experiencing in their legs. At a minimum, the elderly need to go up and down several steps (10-20 is a good range, with interval rests as needed), at least twice a week. Seldom are they performing any activity that keeps the legs strong, as stairs do.


We had a nice oriental meal preceded by a Bloody Mary. Mom enjoyed hers, as she had not had one “for awhile”.


I notice she's more certain on her feet today, no doubt the result of two short walks yesterday. The Bloody Mary had no noticeable effect on her ambulation.


I won rummy today, and cribbage also. She was a very gracious loser, and I tried not to gloat;- difficult, as I do not often get to celebrate a win when playing her. During cards, we talked about her trips to the movies with Dad after they were first married. The movies cost a quarter, and they gave you a piece of china. Mom And Dad went 2-3 times weekly to acquire their first set of dishes.


She has only treadled once today, however, we walked as an alternative when we were out. Ideally, she would have treadled again after we returned, however, she had tired from the additional exertion so I let it slide. Did I mention she is 106? The weather prognosticators are calling for rain tomorrow, so she'll do treadle at least twice.

Hope you day went well. Richard


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