The TREDLR™ device is an integral part the Treadwell® System and required to attain the results of the system's patented methodology.  Performng the near effortless heel-toe, heel-toe motion designed into the device increases circulation significantly throughout the body. This activity introduces a remarkably easy type of movement that we hesitate to label as exercise. The system is complementary to strength and cardio exercises considered best practices for healing and health gains from physical therapy.  It is also complementary to existing best practices included in falls & balance programs, wound healing programs, and restorative care programs.

In long term care facilities it is especially effective for engaging their weak and frail patients in a beneficial therapy movement; movement that has significant potential for increasing their wellness so they can engage in strength building exercise therapy.


The Treadwell® TREDLR™, made in the USA, is designed for years of service where it is used all day, every day. It is a new therapy and exercise device for long term care facilities, adult day care programs and physical therapy clinics.

It is made from machined aluminum that has been powder-coated to increase its longevity. It is designed to be virtually effortless as compared to traditional exercise machines which it compliments rather than replaces. The footprint is 20.5 in. wide by 18 in. deep by 10 in. tall.

The TREDLR™ can be used in relatively small spaces in the therapy area, exercise rooms, activities areas and shared living spaces. It can easily fit under a table where the participants may be playing cards, a board game or conversing. The TREDLR™ is used while sitting and an ergonomically designed chair without wheels is generally recommended for the person engaging in this near effortless activity.

Treadwell Corporation provides a three-year warranty covering parts and workmanship incorporated in the Treadwell®TREDLR™.

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