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Claudication (Leg Pain When Walking)

My leg pain when walking resulted from a torn ligament and limited my mobility. The Treadwell System treatments reduced the leg pain and increased my mobility. India C.

My leg pain when walking has been resolved by therapy with The Treadwell System . Jerry D.

I am a 56 year old Physical Therapy Assistant. When I was 47 years old, I was diagnosed as with intermittent claudication in my legs, which caused my legs to cramp if I walked too rapidly or increased my speed too much. I then went to a cardiologist, who surgically implanted a stint in my heart. My cramping continued, and 5 years later I had quadruple bypass surgery. After the surgery, I was encouraged to walk, but still experienced leg cramping after 1/2 mile, requiring that I stop to rest for a bit. I started using your Treadwell System in 2005, for about fifteen minutes twice a day. I soon noticed that I could walk more than a mile without my legs cramping. If I became lazy and did not use the system I began to feel signs of cramps coming along at the 1/2 mile range. I know that this was lazy, because it is of no effort for me to use this system. I use the system when I am completing my job related paperwork at the end of the day. Of additional interest is the result of my most recent annual stress test. Every year I was able to go around 6 minutes before leg cramping required that I stop the test. Taking this year’s test, I was able to continue for 12 minutes without cramping. You were correct; this system is so easy to use, yet so effective. I wish you well in getting this system to therapists and the public.”
Norman B.

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