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I want to thank you for allowing me to use the Treadwell this summer. I felt it help me to warm up before playing competitive baseball. At age 53, being a catcher and playing 9-inning games it sure helped me. It really did create a difference in my flexibility and kept my legs from getting tired.


I used the Treadwell 14 – 20 minutes before warming up and in-between double headers. It definitely helps my legs from tightening up. Other players used it in-between games and they said it loosened them up. I felt it kept my legs from cramping and tightening during the break. I could definitely tell a difference when I ran the bases. I highly recommend the use of this equipment for athletes who need extra warm up of the legs prior to an event, during an event or during a break or between games. Denny B.

I had gone over a year without really exercising and going to the gym. I was not looking forward to returning to the gym because of the major soreness after the first few sessions. I was told if I used the TREDLR before and after the workout sessions it would reduce the amount of soreness. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually have had no soreness even after major sessions at the gym. 

Claire C.

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