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 I came down yesterday to try the Treadwell System and last night I didn’t have any leg cramps. I usually have them every night so I will be down here everyday for that!

Ruby C.

I suffered from painful leg cramps at night for many, many years. I could not take Statin drugs for my cholesterol because the cramps were even more severe. After just a few days of using the Treadwell System, my legs cramps disappeared and haven’t returned. During a recent bout with the flu, I was forced to temporarily refrain from using the Treadwell System. My cramps returned, causing me great pain once again. I’m sold on the value of Treadwell System. I use it every day. Now I’m going to talk to my doctor about trying the Statin drugs again.

I have been experiencing foot cramping for several years, especially on days that I exercise. It occurs whether I am doing aerobic exercise or strength training exercise. Usually the cramping is most aggressive just after retiring for the evening and before falling asleep. Previously when the cramping occurred I would need to jump out of bed and "dance on my toes" to relieve the cramping in my feet. Some evenings I would need to do this several times before the cramping would ease so that I could sleep. For the past six weeks I have been using the Treadwell System. I have used the system for as little as fifteen minutes and for as long as sixty minutes at a time, usually while watching television in the evening. Within days of starting to use the Treadwell System my cramping was reduced by 95%. And now when there is cramping it is so mild that it subsides within minutes without needing to get out of bed and "dance" for relief. When I started using the Treadwell System it took so little effort to use that I wondered if it could provide any benefit. To my pleasant surprise it had a positive effect that consistently relieved the foot cramping. I expect to be using your system for many years to come.
Jerry C.

 I drive up to two thousand miles per week and bring the TREDLR with me when staying overnight on the road. I treadle 15-30 minutes before I start driving and at the end of the day after driving. I've used it for about a year and I sleep well with no leg cramps. Robert H.

Due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (demyelinating), I have neuropathy with loss of sensation, coordination and muscle strength in both feet and legs. I also have Nocturnal Leg Cramping. Since using the SitWalking System, I’ve noticed three major improvements.

First, the system works muscles that are not engaged through my regular activities and walking, which increases sensation in my calves and feet. While nothing will stop or cure the progression of nerve and muscle damage, I feel that I am better maintaining what I have left and perhaps slowing down the process.

Second, I’ve noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my ankles. Before using the SitWalking System, my ankles would be very swollen by the end of a work day. The swelling is now half what it used to be.

Finally, I’ve seen a marked decrease in Nocturnal Leg Cramping symptoms from 3 to 4 nights per week down to about one night a week. I had been managing these symptoms with medication, which I’d prefer not to take, so I am very pleased that I need it less often. I had just about given up on finding any kind of exercise I could do that would help my legs and feet without causing extreme fatigue — the SitWalking System has been a terrific solution for me. Thanks so much for creating this system!

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