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I don't go out walking now. The Sit/walking System takes the place of walking. I use it all year round. Phyllis H.

Case Study


Episode of Care:

Diagnoses: Kidney transplant; Difficulty in walking; Symptoms and signs involving the musculoskeletal system

Medical History: Heart failure and heart transplant approximately one year ago. Kidney’s failed during heart transplant.

PT Start Date: 2/21/2017

PT End Date: 8/20/2017

Number of PT Visits: 8

Initial Evaluation:

Status: Generalized weakness and limited mobility following recent discharge from hospital.

Prognosis: Generally excellent based upon previous admission, but guarded due to organ transplant 

Treatment Plan: Physical therapy utilizing Treadwell System protocols in addition to physical therapy best practices interventions for balance, gait, and endurance

Result(s): Following 4 weeks of therapy she returned to full functional status, which she felt was 80-85% the level of her status before she had onset of heart failure 

Addendum: Patient was able to receive both a heart and a kidney transplant despite her age (73), primarily due to her attitude regarding likely post surgical compliance and availability of husband as care provider


In my professional opinion it would be impossible to construct a similar scenario for a 73 year old woman who received a kidney transplant following a heart transplant using only physical therapy modalities commonly accepted as best practices sans the Treadwell System.


In my professional opinion, given the patient’s age, the severity of the surgeries, and the initial deficits, the results were achieved in minimal time combined with a minimal number of physical therapy visits. Without the Treadwell System protocols added to the plan of care the outcome result would be unachievable. An improved outcome result from goals achieved and time duration of physical therapy.


Richard Hand, PT

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