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Mom was using the SitWalking System you loaned me in later July. She had a stroke about four years ago and has severe aphasia, mild Tourette’s Syndrome and diminished use of her right arm and leg as a result. It is such a shame, she was very outgoing and had beautiful hand-writing, but the aphasia has made her self-conscious and she is ashamed of her hand-writing now. Mom started using the SitWalking System with a skeptical attitude but on the first day’s usage she noticed more feeling in her right leg. On the second day she was able to move each toe on her right foot (I was not aware that she could not do this before, but she’s not a complainer). She returned to her home in Gaston County, NC at the end of July and I planned to get the SitWalking System back to you after returning from vacation in August, but Mom came back down last week. She said her foot had reverted back to pre-system engagement status and she could not wiggle her toes. She began using the SitWalking System again and on the first day she was wiggling her toes again!! Now she is using the SitWalking System 2-3 hours a day. I just wanted to let you know how amazed we both are. If nothing else, it seems to have given hope to her that she’s not at the total mercy of the stroke effects.

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