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Due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (demyelinating), I have neuropathy with loss of sensation, coordination and muscle strength in both feet and legs. I also have Nocturnal Leg Cramping. Since using the SitWalking System, I’ve noticed three major improvements.

First, the system works muscles that are not engaged through my regular activities and walking, which increases sensation in my calves and feet. While nothing will stop or cure the progression of nerve and muscle damage, I feel that I am better maintaining what I have left and perhaps slowing down the process.

Second, I’ve noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my ankles. Before using the SitWalking System, my ankles would be very swollen by the end of a work day. The swelling is now half what it used to be.

Finally, I’ve seen a marked decrease in Nocturnal Leg Cramping symptoms from 3 to 4 nights per week down to about one night a week. I had been managing these symptoms with medication, which I’d prefer not to take, so I am very pleased that I need it less often. I had just about given up on finding any kind of exercise I could do that would help my legs and feet without causing extreme fatigue — the SitWalking System has been a terrific solution for me. Thanks so much for creating this system!

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