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Thank you for the opportunity to test the Treadwell System. I work on a rotating twelve hour shift. You are also aware that this is a very sedentary job which can lead to leg cramping and circulatory problems. I have noticed that since I started using the Treadwell System, I have had less leg cramping and better circulation in my legs. Another side benefit of using the Treadwell System is that it helps to keep me alert when I am working the overnight shift. I haven’t noticed any negative side effects of using the Treadwell. It is very easy to use. It just seems natural to use it now when I am sitting at my desk. The Treadwell System becomes habit forming once you start to use it. The Treadwell System is one of the most convenient and efficient systems I can think of using to improve overall wellness. My opinion is that if you need to be at a desk, you should be using the Treadwell System. You will receive a free health benefit from doing this while you are being sedentary at work.

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