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I am writing to inform you of the results in using Treadwell’s prototype system with my home health P.T. clientele.

First off, I have used the prototype system with the geriatric population presenting with restless leg syndrome (RLS), chronic lower extremity pain, and lower extremity neuropathy. In all cases, I have put each patient on a daily regimen of 15-20 minutes per day. In cases of RLS and chronic LE pain, I have seen a significant reduction or complete resolution of pain/discomfort, resulting in improved sleep and mobility in a matter of days to weeks. Results with LE neuropathy have been mixed overall but all with no increase in symptoms, to my knowledge. In a few cases, patients were unable to maintain a consistent motion with the treadle which would affect their results. With these results, I continue to recommend the use of Treadwell’s product for my patients who experience RLS or any other type of chronic LE pain.

What amazes me the most is the motion on the treadle can be maintained for long periods of time with minimal to no fatigue reported by the vast majority of my patients. Furthermore, many patients report a decrease in symptoms within a few days of use.

Greg L.

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