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I had pain and achiness in my left ankle and leg, which then went to my knee and hip. I was often awakened at night with pain. This pain was made worse by being up on my legs, which made it very difficult to work my part-time event catering job. Despite taking ibuprofen, this lasted for months. I had scheduled another physicians appointment when my father was able to get one your Treadwell System for my use. I used this system 30 minutes a day for 2 days, at which time my pain disappeared! After several weeks, I missed using the Treadwell System for a couple of days, and my pain returned. I won’t miss again. Thank you so much for developing this system.

Due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (demyelinating), I have neuropathy with loss of sensation, coordination and muscle strength in both feet and legs. I also have restless leg syndrome. Since using the Treadwell System, I’ve noticed three major improvements.

First, the system works muscles that are not engaged through my regular activities and walking, which increases sensation in my calves and feet. While nothing will stop or cure the progression of nerve and muscle damage, I feel that I am better maintaining what I have left and perhaps slowing down the process.

Second, I’ve noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my ankles. Before using the Treadwell System, my ankles would be very swollen by the end of a work day. The swelling is now half what it used to be.

Finally, I’ve seen a marked decrease in restless leg syndrome symptoms from 3 to 4 nights per week down to about one night a week. I had been managing these symptoms with medication, which I’d prefer not to take, so I am very pleased that I need it less often. I had just about given up on finding any kind of exercise I could do that would help my legs and feet without causing extreme fatigue — the Treadwell System has been a terrific solution for me. Thanks so much for creating this system!

Thank you for the use of the Treadwell System. It is a wonderful activity! I had been having trouble sleeping because my legs would ache as soon as I went to bed. I tried getting up several times a nite and stretching, but nothing seemed to work. The first nite I tried the system, I slept all nite!! I did not get up once. In the morning I was amazed that a few minutes with the Treadwell made such a difference. I have the machine sitting in front of my sofa, and each nite as I watch TV or work puzzles I let my feet and legs relax using the Treadwell System. To further reinforce the success of using the system, because of a busy schedule I did not use it for a few nites, and slowly the aching started to come back. When I realized my legs were starting to ache, I made sure I made time to use the system, and again after one nite the aching stopped. Thank you for this wonderful activity that has made my sleep more restful.

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