A 92 year old female, had been on a maintenance physical therapy regimen for approximately 3 years, engaging a physical therapist twice weekly to keep her independent functional status and support continuing to live at home. In early September 2014 the therapist noted a decrease in her ability to tolerate exercise and ambulation and increasing breathlessness with exertion. Also noted was an increased level of edema in her lower extremities, more pronounced in her right leg. After 2-3 weeks of witnessing her weakness, breathlessness, and lower extremity swelling slowly progress, and with prior experience in observing this downward spiral suggestive of congestive heart failure (CHF), which often would culminate in a fall in this population, the therapist met with her sons who function as her care providers. The therapist recommended increasing Effortless Exercise™ sessions with the Treadwell® System to meet the standards of Treadwell’s CHF protocol. Until this point in time she had engaged the  Treadwell® System sporadically for three years. Her sons agreed to get her on the prescribed schedule, which was implemented immediately. The next visit by the therapist was 4 days later, at which time less breathlessness was noted with exertion. The second visit, 7 days after initiating the CHF protocol, breathlessness was no longer noted, and her tolerance for exercise and activity returned to pre-episode levels. Edema in the legs was also decreased, visibly and by palpated tension in the lower legs. The patient has had some level of lower extremity edema for several years that has caused a loss of elasticity in the tissues, allowing the appearance of fluid accumulation to be present. The patient’s gait showed immediate improvement with respect to foot clearance and step length. This was also observed and noted by her sons.


A 76 year old female who describes herself as an active person resides in an independent living facility. ”I am not at all sedentary.” She has been suffering from a blood clot in her left foot  that first appeared suddenly in mid 2014. Since that time she has been wearing compression hose daily, but her foot has continued to exhibit redness and swelling (edema) which have been both uncomfortable and troubling to her as there has been no change in the pattern of her symptoms. She  recently began using the TREDLR™ as an activity offered in the independent living facility. She noticed a marked change in her symptoms within a few weeks of beginning regular use of the Treadwell® System. Her foot was no longer swollen (edema eliminated) or uncomfortable and the redness was gone. She stated that “As long as I tredle four times per week for fifteen to thirty minutes I have no swelling and am no longer having to wear the compression hose. The hose are difficult to apply, uncomfortable to wear, require hand washing, and are expensive.” She related that using the device is pleasurable, as she either socializes with others who are sitting in the area in which the TREDLR™ is located or she reads while tredling. “I would never have imagined obtaining relief in such a simple manner, but I am very thankful that we have this device”


An 83 year old female presented with a diagnosis of  poor circulation in both lower legs, more noticeable in her right leg, with purplish  discoloration and +2 edema in her right leg and +1 edema in her left leg. She also complained of random leg pains during the day and at night, which she stated occurred almost every day. The Treadwell® System protocols for lower extremity circulation plus gait and balance issues were used along with conventional physical therapy interventions for gait, strengthening, and balance. Using the Edema Scale the edema measurement decreased by one grade in each leg after 4 weeks, and discoloration of legs improved to a more flesh colored tone after 1 ½ weeks of incorporating the TREDLR™ protocols. She  reported a “noticeable” decrease in leg pains during the first week of therapy, and complete cessation of leg pains after 2 ½ weeks of including the Treadwell® System protocols. The decrease in leg pain would not necessarily have occurred without the inclusion of the Treadwell® System protocols in the opinion of the therapist/writer.

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