A high intensity 43 year old male athlete introduced his situation with the following statement. “I play hard despite having had multiple knee surgeries. I have an ongoing issue with leg cramping. I have tried multiple therapeutic interventions, and do what is recommended and the leg cramping hasn’t improved.”

Effortless Exercise™ with a TREDLR™ was recommended for therapy in his home. Two weeks later a follow up visit resulted in a report that the leg cramping stopped occurring  after two days of engaging Effortless Exercise™, however, it was obvious that he was skeptical that this simple and easy to use therapy could be the cure for his leg cramping that had been endured for an extended period of time. Nonetheless, the Effortless Exercise™ regimen was continued for another five weeks without incidence of leg cramping.

The subject discontinued the Effortless Exercise™ regimen during a move to a new residence. The move occurred over a three week period of several weeks when accessing the TREDLR™ device for therapy was foregone. Having relocated and foregone the Effortless Exercise™ regimen the subject reported that his leg cramps had returned. He recommenced the Effortless Exercise™ regimen. Two weeks later the subject commented as follows: “I was skeptical about this technology despite the fact that this was my only new intervention, but the cramps stopped within two days of my resuming use of the TREDLR™.  This therapy really works!”


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