Restorative Programs promote the resident's ability to live as independently and safely as possible.  The Treadwell® System Restorative Program is an integral component of programs where at least fifteen minutes of activity are required every twenty-four hours. The Treadwell® activity provides a benefit without causing muscle stress or fatigue. Optimal physical, mental and psychosocial function is attained. For facilities that want to capture additional revenue by establishing a restorative care program, the Treadwell® Restorative Care Program provides an opportunity to establish and build your program.


For facitlities that have yet to establish a Restorative Care Program, the Treadwell® System Restorative Care Program provides a pathway to an additional ongoing revenue opportunity with an affordable investment.
Independence, safety, function, increase self esteem, improvement in function and minimization of deterioration is achieved by including the Treadwell® System as an integral part of the restorative care program.  Specific patient goals, objectives and interventions need to be measurable.  A care plan outlining the program is required.  
When a resident is discharged from formalized physical, occupational, or speech rehabilitation therapy service a resident may start a restorative program. A restorative need may arises during the course of a custodial stay when the patient is not a candidate for a more formalized therapy program. The Treadwell® System provides an easy to accomplish activity that can be a stand alone activity or an activity that enhances benefits from other activites. The Treadwell® System can allow program participants to maintain or retain their level of functioning. 

The Treadwell® System combines proprietary protocols for our modality with a TREDLR™ device. The device is necessary to achieve the patented methodology of the system. The patient powered movement of the TREDLR™, a heel-toe, heel-toe motion, causes the velocity of blood flow in the circulatory system to increase, up to 9 times the resting velocity rate, without causing any corresponding increase in vital signs (pulse rate, respirtation rate or blood pressure). What this means to the patient is a virtually effortless activity that we hesitate to label as exercise. The restorative benfits of significantly increased blood flow velocity from our modality accue to the patient when the patient has one or more of these numerous symptoms, conditions and dieases. The Treadwell® program contributes easy to administer protocols establishing your program or making your exisitng program more successful.


The Treadwell® System Restorative Care Program includes the TREDLR™ device and comprehensive training for our proprietary protocols based on our patented methodology. The program price is $2,500.

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