DVT Clinical Study #1

An 88 year old female resident of an independent living facility began using the facility's Treadwell® System. She had been diagnosed with a blood clot in her right foot approximately six months earlier, which caused symptomology  which included redness in her right foot, mildly elevated temperature in her right foot, and intermitent yet persistent discomfort. Her physician did not prescribe blood thinners due to other medical considerations.


She commenced using the Treadwell® System two - three times weekly for four weeks. After four weeks of using the system she related all of her symptoms had disappeared indicating that the blood clot had disolved.

DVT Clinical Study #2

A 69 year old wheelchair bound male was diagnosed to be at risk for DVT fifteen years earlier. After having a sudden onset of pain, swelling and redness in his left leg he was given a Doppler ultrasound exam, which revealed massive deep vein thrombosis in his left leg, extending form his groin to his foot. His physicain indicated that he was already taking as large an amount of blood thinners that he could give him, and sent him home with a treatment plan of elevating his leg frequently. He was at significnat risk of amputation of the leg. During previous physical therapy encounters the Treadwell® System had been incorporated in his treatment plan. Given the risk of amputation, he opted to risk dislodging a blood clot while engaging the Treadwell® System as a last resort to amputation.


Initially his profound weakness enabled him to engage minimally (200 heel-toe, heel-toe interations once per day). He increased to a maximum of 500 interations per day within two weeks as his symptoms began to decrease. During his follow up exam two months later a Doppler ultrasound was performed. The results indicated no evidence of any thrombosis remaining  in his left leg.

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