What is the Treadwell Methodology™?
Designed to improve blood flow velocity, the patented Treadwell
Methodology™ begins with patients utilizing a treadling device we call the TREDLR™. It is then combined with strategies developed for specific disorders and diagnoses. Patients activate the treadling device, which requires very little pressure so as to not exacerbate repetitive stress syndromes. Additional strategies for frequency and duration of treadling are subsequently added, depending on disorders and diagnoses, which combine to create a system of recommended use protocols.

How does the treadling device work?
The patient sits comfortably in a chair and puts one or both feet on the treadle platform. In an easy rocking motion, the user begins to rock their foot/feet at the ankle on the TREDLR. The design of the device makes the motion virtually effortless.


What happens within the body when the system is used?
The TREDLR accelerates blood flow velocity in the lower extremities by causing activation of the calf muscles.  Because the activity is virtually effortless, increased velocity is attained and maintained without statistically significant effect on pulse, respiration rate or blood pressure.  Technically speaking, the activity provides a stroke volume increase in the heart’s pumping of blood.


Who can benefit from the methodology?
Those who cannot exercise, or find walking difficult, tend to receive the most benefit from this system. However, we’ve seen great improvements in people suffering from:

  • plantar fasciitis

  • arthritis

  • tendonitis

  • intermittent claudication

  • peripheral artery disease

  • deep vein thrombosis

  • diabetic neuropathy

  • general neuropathy (especially in lower extremities)

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Is it available to purchase now?
The Treadwell
Methodology™ is currently available on a pre-order basis.

How much does it cost?
The Treadwell
Methodology™ is currently priced at for $5,000 which includes the TREDLR™ device and access to our proprietary protocols both based on our patented methodology. 


When are orders filled?
Orders are filled when pre-orders total 25 systems.

Or do you need a doctor’s orders?
A doctor's order is not required to access Treadwell's technology.



Does it come with videos or other instructions?

Training is provided by Treadwell's personnel at customer facilities and business offices. The proprietary library of protocols is available with an annual subscription. The first year's subscription is included with purchase.

Training for individuals is provided via a video customized for the individual's disease/condition profile. 



What do you hope to accomplish with the study that is being funded by the STTR fund grant?
The Peripheral Artery Disease study will provide validation of the system for a specific disease. Successful study results should support additional research funding for additional disorders and diagnoses observed clinically to benefit from the system. We believe all disorders and diagnoses listed as affected by Sedentary Death Syndrome can be effectively treated with the Treadwell
Methodology™. Ultimately our goal is recognition as the technology that provides the antidote to Sedentary Death Syndrome. We intend to prove our thesis that a combination of too low blood flow velocity experienced for too long are the root cause combination of Sedentary Death Syndrome.

Are there any other efficacy studies?
Two ultrasound studies published in peer reviewed medical journals provided data evidencing significantly increased blood flow velocity with no statistically significant increase in pulse, blood pressure or respiration rate. Abstracts of these studies are published on our website www.treadwellness.com


Have you worked with doctors on this?

Physicians were the principal investigators of the studies. A nationally recognized ultrasonographer participated with the physicians in collecting data.

A Gerontologist and a Dermatologist are valued, long-term advisors contributing to the successful development of Treadwell's technology.

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