Activities coordinators, especially in independent living facilities, praise the Treadwell® System Activity Program because residents voluntarily engage it. The popularity of the activity has resulted in a majority of facilities providing our activity program to establish a scheduling system that residents use to reserve their preferred time to engage the activity. The activity program uses Treadwell® technology for an extremely easy to use activity that increases the velocity of blood flow in the circulatory system, especially in the lower extremities. The methodology allows the user to achieve hundreds and hundreds of repetions of a heel-toe-heel toe motion in 15-20 minutes without muscle stress or fatigue. The users is receiving a three to nine times increase in circulatory blood flow. The increase in blood flow benefits the entire body, especially important for those who become more sedentary as they age for a variety of health reasons the inhibit movement. Everyone understands that good circulation is important to support all functions of the body. Until now there has been no activity that focused specifically on this aspect of human physiology as a means of improving health. The secret is increasing the rate of circulation with a methodology that is so easy that it causes no increase in vital signs; pulse rate, blood pressure or respiration rate.

The Activity Program can be located in the most convenient for residents locations in your facility. Instruction for use of the Activity Program requires less than ten minutes for new users and ongoing monitoring is unnecessary. Often new users learn how to engage the activity by observing and conversing with current users.

There is simply no better activity than one that users engage voluntarily, eliminates the need for monitoring, and that provides significant health benefits for users.

The Treadwell® System combines proprietary protocols for our modality with a TREDLR™ device. The device is necessary to achieve the patented methodology of the system. The patient powered movement of the TREDLR™, a heel-toe, heel-toe motion, causes the velocity of blood flow in the circulatory system to increase, up to 9 times the resting velocity rate, without causing any corresponding increase in vital signs (pulse rate, respirtation rate or blood pressure). What this means to the patient is a virtually effortless activity that we hesitate to label as exercise. The benfits of significantly increased blood flow velocity from our modality accue to the user who may have one or more of the numerous symptoms, conditions and dieases that from clincial observations respond more timely, often with better outcomes than would otherwise be expected. And  those users who enjoy perfect health promote continuing perfect health by engaging the activity program.


The Treadwell® System Activity Program includes the TREDLR™ device, an introductory seminar for those who will be using the system, and training for your activity director(s) for instucting future users of the program. The program price is $2,000.

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