A 52-year-old male with a prior history of cardiac stint implantation (1999) underwent a quadruple cardiac bypass surgery in late summer of 2004. Following his surgery, he began his ambulatory therapy as recommended by his surgeon. This was hindered by leg cramping and intermittent claudication of his lower legs at intervals of 200-300 feet of ambulation, requiring his stopping to allow his leg pain to ease before another walk of the same distance. After 3 weeks, he began using the Treadwell® System twice daily for 15 minutes each session.  Within 4-5 days, he was able to increase his ambulatory distance, achieving distances of 800-1000 feet before symptoms manifested. After two weeks he was able to ambulate as much as he desired (usually a mile or greater) without onset of leg pain.


During a follow-up interview in 2014, he related that he diminished his use of the Treadwell® System for a six-month period, and began to experience symptoms of intermittent claudication with ambulation once again. He returned to regular use of the Treadwell® System and the symptoms went away within one week. He continues to treadle regularly to mitigate his symptoms.

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