When I first started using this, I could not keep any rhythm with my right foot, but this has rapidly changed to normal during 3-4 weeks of tredling. I enjoy using this device and feel that both my co-ordination and cognition are improving. The repetitions seem to be helping my nervous system to re-connect and the circulatory benefits have appear to be beneficial to my healing.

Ed: A 53 year old male suffered a closed head trauma in January 2016, diagnosed with a bruised brain, he related that his co-ordination was affected, particularly his right foot. Additionally he reported his cognition was impaired. The Treadwell  System was used two times per week for 10-15 minutes.


Wilmington, NC

I have been using the TREDLR for about two months, about 3 times weekly for 10-15 minutes per tredling session. I have found the long standing pain in my big toe has slowly dissipated. The TREDLR seems to have improved my circulation to the point of reducing the inflammation. I find the TREDLR relaxing. Sincerely,

Connie, PT By The Sea Gym Member


Wilmington, NC

I can’t remember the last time I was able to see my ankles. My caregiver of two years said she has never seen my ankles until now!

Ed: Following four Treadwell System sessions of 15 minutes each; once per day.

Doris R., Independent Living Facility Resident


Wilmington, NC

 I came down yesterday to try the Treadwell System and last night I didn’t have any leg cramps. I usually have them every night so I will be down here everyday for that!

Ruby C., Independent Living Facility Resident


Wilmington, NC

I just had to get it going then I got it. It’s almost easier if you don’t look at it”

Myrtle A., Independent Living Facility Resident

It’s just so easy to use!

Flora M., Independent Living Facility Resident


Wilmington, NC

I suffered from painful leg cramps at night for many, many years. I could not take Statin drugs for my cholesterol because the cramps were even more severe. After just a few days of using the Treadwell System, my legs cramps disappeared and haven’t returned. During a recent bout with the flu, I was forced to temporarily refrain from using the Treadwell System. My cramps returned, causing me great pain once again. I’m sold on the value of Treadwell System. I use it every day. Now I’m going to talk to my doctor about trying the Statin drugs again.


Birmingham, AL

I want to thank you ever so much for introducing me to the Treadwell® System. It has helped me not only feel better physically but mentally also. I can actually see my ankle bones for the first time since 2003. And when one starts to see so much improvement in 7 days they feel so much better about themselves. I am not able to do alot of physical exercise such as aerobics, so the Treadwell® System is the answer to my prayers. Thank you again!



Bangor, ME

Richard, as you probably know, I broke my back in a motorcycle accident ten weeks ago. Since then I have worn a back brace and have had limited movement. Two days ago I started using your Treadwell System for twenty minutes in the morning and another twenty minutes in the evening. Even after the first day I could feel a major reduction in my pain level. Last night I was able to sleep through the night for the first time since the accident. I look forward to continued use of your system and continued reduction in my pain.”
Rocky V.


Wilmington, NC

In 2006 I had an acute injury to the nerves in my left leg as a result of spinal stenosis at L5-S1. After several months of pain, the only lasting problems have been 3 numb toes and a very troublesome touchiness to my hamstring and lateral tibial muscles which results in painful cramping at night. I tried all the usual recommendations – calcium and Vitamin D supplements – and exercise but the exercise just made it worse. The opportunity to try out the Treadwell came. and by trial and error, I seem to have found that if I use it for a period of about 20 minutes before I go to bed, I do not wake up with leg cramps. I keep it under my computer desk and have gotten in the habit of using it off and on during the day. If I am gone for several days to visit my grandchildren, etc., I can be guaranteed of being up with leg cramps within a few days. To me this is overwhelming evidence that the use of the Treadwell is preventing my night leg cramps.



Wilmington, NC

Let me begin by saying thank you for the opportunity to experience your wonderful system. The Treadwell System proved to very beneficial in my recovery after heart bypass surgery on May 8, 2007. The incision on my right leg wasn’t closing properly, although, the one on my chest healed normally. Most of the 9 inch incision on my lower right calf healed, leaving only a one-ince section that refused to close. Several doctors reassured me that it would close on its own, however, nothing changed until I started using the Treadwell System on August 19th. Six days later the incision began crystallizing and by August 31st had shrunk from the size of a quarter to smaller than a dime. By September 15th my incision had closed completely. During my recovery I used the system for 1-5 hours daily in the comfort of my own home. It was easy to use while reading and watching television. The motion of the system, which positively  impacted my healing process, increased my circulation and my energy level. I was thrilled with the effectiveness of the system and would be the first to recommend the system to anyone.


Blythewood, SC

I have been experiencing foot cramping for several years, especially on days that I exercise. It occurs whether I am doing aerobic exercise or strength training exercise. Usually the cramping is most aggressive just after retiring for the evening and before falling asleep. Previously when the cramping occurred I would need to get out of bed and "dance on my toes" to relieve the cramping in my feet. Some evenings I would need to do this several times before the cramping would ease so that I could sleep. For the past six weeks I have been using one of the Treadwell System. I have used the system for as little as fifteen minutes and for as long as sixty minutes at a time, usually while watching television in the evening. Within days of starting to use the Treadwell System my cramping was reduced by 95%. And now when there is cramping it is so mild that it subsides within minutes without needing to get out of bed and "dance" for relief. When I started using the Treadwell System it took so little effort to use that I wondered if it could provide any benefit. To my pleasant surprise it had a positive effect that consistently relieved the foot cramping. I expect to be using your system for many years to come.


New CAnaan, CT

Two weeks after having by-pass surgery on my right leg the swelling was severe. I used the Treadwell System for twenty minutes twice the first day, The next morning it was amazing how the swelling was subsiding. It is now six weeks later and using the system has given me much relief. I’m walking twice a day now without cramping, burning or pain – thanks to the Treadwell System.


Holden, ME

I am a 56 year old Physical Therapy Assistant. When I was 47 years old, I was diagnosed as with intermittent claudication in my legs, which caused my legs to cramp if I walked too rapidly or increased my speed too much. I then went to a cardiologist, who surgically implanted a stint in my heart. My cramping continued, and 5 years later I had quadruple bypass surgery. After the surgery, I was encouraged to walk, but still experienced leg cramping after 1/2 mile, requiring that I stop to rest for a bit. I started using your Treadwell System in 2005, for about fifteen minutes twice a day. I soon noticed that I could walk more than a mile without my legs cramping. If I became lazy and did not use the system I began to feel signs of cramps coming along at the 1/2 mile range. I know that this was lazy, because it is of no effort for me to use this system. I use the system when I am completing my job related paperwork at the end of the day. Of additional interest is the result of my most recent annual stress test. Every year I was able to go around 6 minutes before leg cramping required that I stop the test. Taking this year’s test, I was able to continue for 12 minutes without cramping. You were correct; this system is so easy to use, yet so effective. I wish you well in getting this system to therapists and the public.”


Wilmington, NC

Mom was using the Treadwell System you loaned me in later July. She had a stroke about four years ago and has severe aphasia, mild Tourette’s Syndrome and diminished use of her right arm and leg as a result. It is such a shame, she was very outgoing and had beautiful hand-writing, but the aphasia has made her self-conscious and she is ashamed of her hand-writing now. Mom started using the Treadwell System with a skeptical attitude but on the first day’s usage she noticed more feeling in her right leg. On the second day she was able to move each toe on her right foot (I was not aware that she could not do this before, but she’s not a complainer). She returned to her home in Gaston County at the end of July and I planned to get the Treadwell System back to you after returning from vacation in August, but Mom came back down last week. She said her foot had reverted back to pre system engagement status and she could not wiggle her toes. She began using the Treadwell System again and on the first day she was wiggling her toes again!! Now she is using the Treadwell System 2-3 hours a day. I just wanted to let you know how amazed we both are. If nothing else, it seems to have given hope to her that she’s not at the total mercy of the stroke effects.


Wilmington, NC

I had pain and achiness in my left ankle and leg, which then went to my knee and hip. I was often awakened at night with pain. This pain was made worse by being up on my legs, which made it very difficult to work my part-time event catering job. Despite taking ibuprofen, this lasted for months. I had scheduled another physicians appointment when my father was able to get one your Treadwell System for my use. I used this system 30 minutes a day for 2 days, at which time my pain disappeared! After several weeks, I missed using the Treadwell System for a couple of days, and my pain returned. I won’t miss again. Thank you so much for developing this system.


Bangor, ME

We have been aware of the warm temperature (86 degrees) in my 80 year old mother’s house while she wears a sweater. She has been using the Treadwell System or the past two weeks and has dropped the temperature noticeably while no longer needing a sweater. Also, we took her out to lunch where she usually wears a coat and complains about the coolness. She had no complaints and no sweater. Your system has to be helping her circulation to have enabled this change.


Wilmington, NC

I want to thank you for allowing me to use the Treadwell System this summer. I felt it helped me to warm up before playing competitive baseball. At age 53, being a catcher and playing 9-inning games it sure helped me. It really did create a difference in my flexibility and kept my legs from getting tired I used the Treadwell System 14 – 20 minutes before warming up and in-between double headers. It definitely helps my legs from tightening up. Other players used it in-between games and they said it loosened them up. I felt it kept my legs from cramping and tightening during the break. I could definitely feel a difference when I ran the bases. After the games I would use the Treadwell System for a half hour and it definitely helped the soreness the next day. I used to have a lot of tightness and soreness the next day but since I have been using the Treadwell System it has eliminated the soreness and tightness the next day. I feel that the system warmed up my legs to a point that I felt more flexible. There were some road games that I did not take the system with me and I definitely felt the difference. I highly recommend the use of this system for athletes who need extra warm up of the legs prior to an event, during an event or during a break or between games. I would recommend this for people who get leg cramps. It sure prevented my leg cramps during the warm summer months. Thanks again for the use of the system.



Dublin, OH

Due to Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (demyelinating), I have neuropathy with loss of sensation, coordination and muscle strength in both feet and legs. I also have restless leg syndrome. Since using the Treadwell System, I’ve noticed three major improvements. First, the system works muscles that are not engaged through my regular activities and walking, which increases sensation in my calves and feet. While nothing will stop or cure the progression of nerve and muscle damage, I feel that I am better maintaining what I have left and perhaps slowing down the process. Second, I’ve noticed a reduction in edema (swelling) in my ankles. Before using the Treadwell System, my ankles would be very swollen by the end of a work day. The swelling is now half what it used to be. Finally, I’ve seen a marked decrease in restless leg syndrome symptoms from 3 to 4 nights per week down to about one night a week. I had been managing these symptoms with medication, which I’d prefer not to take, so I am very pleased that I need it less often. I had just about given up on finding any kind of exercise I could do that would help my legs and feet without causing extreme fatigue — the Treadwell System has been a terrific solution for me. Thanks so much for creating this system!


Leland, NC

Thank you for the use of the Treadwell System. It is a wonderful activity! I had been having trouble sleeping because my legs would ache as soon as I went to bed. I tried getting up several times a nite and stretching, but nothing seemed to work. The first nite I tried the system, I slept all nite!! I did not get up once. In the morning I was amazed that a few minutes with the Treadwell made such a difference. I have the machine sitting in front of my sofa, and each nite as I watch TV or work puzzles I let my feet and legs relax using the Treadwell System. To further reinforce the success of using the system, because of a busy schedule I did not use it for a few nites, and slowly the aching started to come back. When I realized my legs were starting to ache, I made sure I made time to use the system, and again after one nite the aching stopped. Thank you for this wonderful activity that has made my sleep more restful.


Wilmington, NC

I continue to use the Treadwell System daily and have recently been able to give up a drug for low grade pain as well as one for MS related fatigue. And better yet the savings has already paid for the system.
Name withheld by request


Wilmington, NC

Having had the opportunity to try the Treadwell System for two weeks was an eye-opening experience for me. I admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. It was easy enough to do and I could do it while I was sitting around, it took very little effort. Having both MS and Reynaud’s I am faced with many daily challenges. Using the system 20 min. twice daily for two weeks improved my balance and I suffered very little pain or no pain in my legs. My hands and feet now were warm. I was able to sleep for the first time without socks in years. I could walk in my bare feet without shoes with absolutely no pain. That was a remarkable feeling. I don’t recall the last time I was able to do this. I am a believer!
Christine Warren



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