Greetings from the Pine Tree State and day 6 of my stay with my 106-year-old mother, Phyllis.

Today I’ll comment on one of the most important aspects of any person’s life, breathing. Oftentimes the older a person gets, the shorter and shallower their breathing cycle becomes, even if there is no specific medical cause. Then with exertion, it becomes proportionally more rapid. This can be improved.

Mom has trended to an elevated number of respirations/min (15-18 measured at rest) We devoted some time to breathing awareness and reducing the frequency of her breaths/min. She decreased the number to 10-12 during practice, and I expect continued improvement in this number with more practice.

Yesterday was busy, so we did not play rummy or cribbage, thus I did not lose!

Cynthia, a one-day per week care-provider, came today to assist, as necessary, for bathing. For the most part, she is just there during the process, as Mom can perform her personal care at an 85-90% level independently. Cynthia did report that Mom made more trips than she is used to her making, to the kitchen and upstairs to the bathroom. “I'd look up and she was gone."

The Treadwell® System use is a given in Mom’s daily routine. I believe withour doubt that I would not be writing this blog if the Treadwell® System had not become her daily method of increasing the velocity of blood flow in her circulatory system. Mom would not be available to write about in real time were it not for the benefits treadling has provided to her health and wellness during the last seven years.

All in all, it has been another really nice day in Vacationland. Hope you are keeping your attitude positive. I believe that a positive mental outlook on life is almost as important as the number one factor in living a long time, namely choosing your parents wisely. Having a positive outlook on life is a close second from my observations as a physical therapist during a thirty plus year career. Although it is noted that some cantankerous individuals also enjoy (?) a long life, my suspicion is that those individuals appropriately described as curmudgeons prove the genetics first (nature over nurture) argument when it comes to discussing the keys to longevity. Ayuh! Richard

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